• SentientDB (dbPaaS) Benefits

    Secure and intelligent data mobility anytime and anywhere

    Provides Multi/Hybrid cloud management, data mobility, service assurance without service outages

    SentientDB manages database performance and mobility in real time to meet RPO/RTO objectives

    Reduces OPEX/CAPEX by efficient management of operating environments and infrastructure

    SentientDB discovers and provisions server inventory for service, eliminating significant tasks required by data specialists to maintain custom integrated vendor environments

    Enables faster cloud adoption and ROI for the enterprise

    Management of hybrid cloud environments with no custom solutions, vendor lock-in or vendor integration issues. Enterprise application databases can be easily migrated to public cloud provider's cost saving commodity infrastructure and services faster.

    According to IDC, cloud application services like SDP can deliver a 520% ROI through these advantages including commodity products and services:

    • 70% accelerated time to market
    • 80% more applications launched
    • 75%-85% reduction in infrastructure costs

    SentientDB can make these ROIs a reality by providing secure and intelligent data management and mobility anytime and anywhere